We believe we are soulmates and our work goes through the fire to reach maturity; therefore the name "Soulflame".

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A little something about the journey:

July 20,2018

While working as an educator, and doing other jobs at the same time, I did clay part-time and had some success with it. As of this summer, I am finally full-time in clay. For 36 years I taught in public and charter schools and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I will be populating my Etsy store with primarily functional pieces designed with artistry in mind, some new galleries in Houston as well as here in Fort Worth have chosen to represent my work, and several art festivals have accepted my work into their events (postings on details about the shows can be found in the "Where to Buy" page. One never knows when "the right time" is going to be and I choose to accept the challenge that "everything you've ever wanted in life is just on the other side of fear" is true. So getting up every day and going to work in my backyard is going to be my new "job". I find it incredible that the passion I have for clay may translate into a way to replace my teaching position with sufficient funds to make it sustainable. Will it be hard work? Yes. Will it be intimidating at times? Probably. But I believe it will work.

A huge "Thank you!" to John Britt for his guidance in my quest to create a glaze palette that is workable and dependable! Creating glazes that function as they should in each firing has always been a challenge but some of the glazes I've made recently are exceptional in what they achieve. More about that later.